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                                                                                   ARTICLE VII.  SAVINGS AND LOANS

            7.01.    The association shall maintain a savings plan for members who wish to save money. 

            7.02.    The money saved shall be loaned out to members at an interest rate of 2% per month and loans can only be given to members with savings or backed by a member with savings.

            7.03.    The projected accrued interest for the duration (not to exceed three months) of the loan shall be paid upfront or deducted from the total amount borrowed.

           7.04.    Requests shall be made by application accompanied by at least one surety approval. The meeting shall be informed of any loan approved. The name and amount and terms of the loan shall be published in the next meeting. 

            7.05.    The interest accrued from loans shall be shared to members who saved money based on an accrued interest on money saved.

            7.06.    The savings will be invested in the money market. Membership annual contributions shall not be given out as loans to members.

                                                                         VIII.  BIRTHS AND MARRIAGES

            8.01.    During births and marriages, the association shall present an active member with a gift(s) and $150.00 check.

                                                                                    ARTICLE IX.ILLNESS

            9.01.    In the event an active member becomes ill and he/she is admitted in the hospital for 3 or more days, the association shall visit the member and present him/her with a card along with $150.

                                                                                     ARTICLE X.  DEATH

            10.01. In the event of the death of an active member, the association will contribute a maximum sum of $7.000.00 (seven thousand dollars) to assist the immediate family with the funeral cost in the United States. 

            10.02   The association will work in collaboration with the immediate family to plan the funeral arrangements. 

            10.03.  The association will raise the funds through member contributions of $100 minimum and withdrawal from the MECA-DC Trust Fund to make up any shortfall. 

            10.04. When an active member's eligible relative dies, the association will formerly condole with the member on an agreed date. 

            10.05.  An active member’s eligible relative for bereavement benefits shall be the member’s immediate family, namely; spouse, son, daughter, natural mother and natural father.

            10.06.  The association will present the bereaved family with a card and a sum of money equal to the current bereavement benefit. 

            10.07.  The current bereavement benefit is $700.00

            10.08. The bereavement benefit shall be funded from the MECA-DC Trust Fund.   

            10.09.  Members are strongly encouraged to support the bereaved amongst us by making private contributions either directly to the bereaved or in a die-house well-wishers box.

            10.10.  Members shall dress in proper uniform for die-house ceremonies.

                                                                                         ARTICLE XI. DISCIPLINE

            11.01.  Any officer of the association who reneges in the performance of his/her functions to the association     shall: 

            11.02.  Be subject to removal from his/her office by vote of the General Assembly.

            11.03.  Be made immediately accountable for any financial loss 

            11.04. Never be allowed to hold office in the association or take active part in any business of financial dealings between the association and third parties. 

            11.05.  The President may be impeached for any gross misconduct.

                                                                                              ARTICLE XII. FINES

            12.01.  Any member who disrespects another shall be given a fine of $50.00. 

            12.02.  Disruption during meetings shall attract a fine of $5.00.

            12.03. Any member who attends the meeting late shall pay a $1.00 fine at the door.


                                                                         ARTICLE XIII.  ORGANIZATION AND STRUCTURE

            13.01   The Manyu Elements Cultural Association Inc. – Washington, DC (MECA-DC or MECA Washington) shall be composed of the following organs: The Executive, the General Assembly and a Board of Directors.


            14.01. The President and the Vice must be of Manyu extract, but cannot be siblings, i.e. brothers and sisters. 

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