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 The purpose of these By-Laws is to enable present and future members of the Manyu Elements Cultural Association Washington, DC to fully understand and adhere to guiding principles that will enable the smooth operation and management of the association with all fairness. These By-Laws are therefore designed to enhance unity, promote culture, respect traditional values and develop a strong sense of Manyu family kinship.


            1.01     Membership to MECA is open to all sons and daughters of Manyu by birth, marriage or affiliation living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia). 

            1.02.    Associate membership is open to individuals who by reason of association are affiliated to Manyu. 

            1.03.    To become a member a one-time registration fee of $20.00 at the time of registration is required. All members, new and old alike shall make a $200.00 yearly contribution. Modalities of payment include, but are not limited to an obligatory monthly payment of $20.00 until the $200.00 yearly amount is reached.

            1.04.    Membership obligations include paying monthly/annual financial dues and levies, attending monthly general assembly meetings and association-sanctioned ceremonies, and respect of association by-laws. 

            1.05.    Membership shall be placed in an inactive status, if a member fails to pay his/her monthly membership dues AND fails to attend general assembly meetings without a valid cause for four (4) consecutive months.

            1.06.    Membership privileges include among others, receiving support and visits from the association in times of bereavement, sickness, marriage, birth, graduation, access to MECA Washington Loan Program and a review of association records 30 days after an official request is submitted to the president. 

            1.07     To enjoy any membership privileges a member is to have met one hundred percent (100%) of their financial obligations to the association at the time of the event giving rise to the benefit, AND must have attended at least fifty percent (50%) of monthly meetings and association-sanctioned ceremonies when  the event giving rise to the benefit occurred.  

            1.08.    Membership benefits for new members shall only be activated ninety (90) days after their registration.

            1.09.    Membership shall be revoked if a member fails to pay their annual membership dues for one year. Thereafter re-instatement can only occur by either registering or paying the accumulated dues. Reason(s) for absence must be documented with evidence. 


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