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Manyu Division

Manyu is one of the administrative divisions in the Republic of Cameroon. It is located in the South-West region of Cameroon. It covers a surface area of approximately 9,565 km square and has a population of approximately 177,389 according to annuaire statistics du Cameroun 2006. Its capital city is Mamfe.


The division is made up of 234 villages within four (4) subdivisions.


Subdivision                            Chief Town              Approx. surface area (km2)                          # of villages

Mamfe Central                       Mamfe                                      9400                                                                      11

Upper Banyang                      Tinto                                         1320                                                                       59

Eyomujock                               Eyomujock                              2110                                                                       65

Akwaya                                     Akwaya                                   3500                                                                        99

Custodians of the culture - The EKPE Society


The Ekpe Society is a highly respected and an integral part of the Manyu culture that originated from the Cross River region of Africa.


Its beliefs, customs and practices are so ancient that they predate Christianity, Islam and most of the ancient European civilizations.

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