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Manyu Community Resource Center

Manyu Community Resource Center (MCRC)


Over the last decade or so, the Washington D.C metropolitan area have seen an exponential growth of people of Manyu descent making this region their place of residence in the U.S.A. This growth has brought about not only a huge need for services (cultural and otherwise) but has also, provided an opportunity for community organizations such as MECA DC to step up and address some of those needs.

In light of this therefore, MECA DC have decided to set up a Community Resource Center.


Upon completion, this center shall provide vital services and resources that are critical for members of this community to adjust to the challenges of society. Some of the services would include but not limited to: home and school support (including student assistance and behavior health rehab), Community education, promotion of the Manyu culture and also health education. These services shall also be open to the community at large.


A fund-raising event to support the acquisition of the facility to house the center is scheduled for April 2015 and we anticipate that the center shall open its doors in the summer of 2015. We invite friends of Manyu to support us in this effort.

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